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It is not your salary that makes you rich, Its your spending habit!

Do you know this, we spend lot on grocery. Food is the third-largest household expense, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. And for a family of four, the average monthly tab runs between $568 for the super thrifty to $1,293 for those on a more liberal budget, according to the USDA. How much so? Well, in many case, More people take their family out to eat a little more than once per week. On average, we’re spending $100 per week on that luxury which, for a four person family, comes out to $5200 annually, or $19.12 per person per meal. Yikes!

In contrast, our household spent $12,763 on groceries in 2014, which comes out to roughly $3.36 per person per meal after accounting for the meals not eaten at home. So for us, eating out is, on average, almost sixtimes more expensive than dining at home.

Saving tips on Grocery. 

Make menu: Make menu on monthly basis requirement of grocery and build proper list with categories. Use our top seller method to find your grocery deals in email and save money on your shopping. And buy in bulk to save more. Compare prices from top sellers deals. And shop Seasonal product so that you save lot. Don’t shop when you are hungry. Do shopping with planning. Always create grocery budget and shop with cash.


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