Distance Learning

Study at EDU and receive European bachelor’s diploma without leaving home! Save your time and money!

The process of distance learning: It is really easy! First of all, your manager sends you the log-in and password to our system of distance learning (along with the link). There you will find all subjects and themes for the current semester, as well as their descriptions. The lectures themselves are in forms of written materials, 10-15 min. long videos and tests. Imagine, how easy it is – if you don’t understand something, you can always watch lecture again and again, until you understand the material.

All subjects are divided into themes. Each theme has passing and evaluation tests. After doing 2-3 passing tests student is allowed to take an evaluation test. At the end of a semester, student gets his final mark on the basis of his results from taking evaluation tests.

This is how distance learning takes place. Students will have to come to EDU only once – to defend their bachelor paper and get the diploma, however, meeting with professors in person is also possible.

EDU offers:
•Prestigious, internationally recognized European bachelor’s diploma;
•Higher education in English, Russian or Latvian languages;
•Affordable tuition fee;
•Possibility of distance learning;
•Acquisition of a demanded profession;
•No entrance exams upon admission;
•No results of IETS or centralized exams are needed at admission;
•Modern, effective and easy-to-use system of distance learning;
•New contacts and friends from all around the world;
•The newest and up-to-date actual study materials.

But that’s not all!

We will, not only help our prospective students in the admission process, but also provide information aid during the whole study period. EDU is a totally student-centered higher education institution, and thus, we maintain constant connection with all our students, as well as individual approach.

Additional information

Tuition fee: The amount of tuition fee depends on the form of studies: 900 EUR per semester for day, evening, and extramural (off-site) studies, and 990 EUR per semester for distance learning.

Duration of studies:It is 4 years for day, evening and extramural departments and 4 years and 2 months for distance learning.

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