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scan(1)Shop N Dine is a new way to gift your clients and customers. Its helps you to regenerate sale. With this system you shall be getting new customers or clients for your business. We shall be putting your website or business detail in our top merchants list in And can be search in the category of city shopping and desired keywords. We shall be listing your website or your ECA store in your profile in our top merchants listing in

Your special Shop N Design card shall be listed in your profile page and our store at .  With all the keyword related to your business and city. Client or customer would purchase this card for MRP(Member Reward Points) and special offer to get. After purchasing you shall be getting detail about buyer through Email.With this system you can make business a brand and catch local market. And your customer or clients  reaches to your store again and again.Your name would be enlisted in our card program too.


Offline Marketing: Offline marketing is system where products are sold in traditional way. 70% transactions are done offline. In this system you can sell this card in your store itself. It helps you regenerating sale again n again. Because this card will be very good gift for regenerating sale. It is human nature that if anybody do shopping he use to tell where he has shopped. And he tell about this gift card too. And give it to his dear one’s.,You generate the sale when he/she reaches at the store.


Online Marketing: Nothing to worry, We shall be doing all the things to generate sale online at our store. In our shopping portal, your card shall be listed according to your keyword with city search. And brief introduction about your business. And our customer reads buy your card and reaches to your store for shopping. You shall be receiving an email regarding the buyer detail of cards. You can check his detail when he reached at your store. Once he gives you accurate detail about himself. You give him full value of purchase on your store and your offer. With this system you can take the both benefit of online as well as offline marketing.

Card Description: With full detail about your business ,address and contact Number. It is 85mm x 55 mm plastic wrapped card.

When shall store owner receive money if anybody buy his card online?

Store owner receive money next calender month 20th of each month. Means if every purchase is done on June. Store owner shall receive money on 20th on July.

How much deduction will be there for online card buying?
There will be deduction card cost only.

What is the benefit of buying online this card?
Every buyer shall be getting MRP ( Member reward points). This MRP can be cashed on 80000 products on this store or at your store itself for buying new card.

Start selling this card and boost your sale with to buy click below:


For 20 cards
For 40 cards
For 100 card

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