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Welcome to Loyalty Club. Loyalty Club is a Profit share Club is owned by Paazy Business. All contributors get paid as share of Profit of Worldwide sale.

First club to save money on Shopping and Travel with cashback and offers.

Shopping: You can shop USA, Canada, UK, India and Australia. Other countries can reach at our other’ category to shop.

Travel: Search hundreds of travel sites at one time to find the information you need to make the right decisions on your tour or trip. Buy from the site who provide you the cheapest price. All loyalty club members can save money through our travel deals. You can choose from and enjoy, the array of exclusive offers on our website. Take advantage of seasonal offers, promotions and much more.

Three simple words can define Paazy Travel Search Engine are Search, Compare and Save.

What’s make us difference?

Search top travel sites with one search. And book from where you get cheap price.

Time saving: Easy to compare and results are in few seconds.

Direct booking: We have listed direct travel merchants related to all above services. So that you can book and compare.

City Saving:Started City post so that you can get twenty deals in your city.

Map Pointed: Book hotel rooms where you want to reach or your nearby places.

Deals: Travel Deals page shall be developed shortly for Direct Merchants offers to save money.

Loyalty Club Benefits: All active member (contributor’s) of loyalty club can promote and are eligible to get share of profit of worldwide sales.

Currency and Language: You can change 70 currencies and 50 languages to search flight and hotels.

So start saving money with us

Funds Your Dreams by Joining us.

Register at Loyalty club : Loyalty Club Account benefit from economies of scale, which allow for lower shopping costs, diversification and professional money management.

To know more reach at Loyalty Club

Every time anybody avail or book any services you can get share of profit of worldwide sale. Just contribute $ 7.60 as subscription fee every month at Paypal and start getting paid on every shopping as share of profit of worldwide sale. To know more reach Loyalty Club.

Pay just ₹515 per month as subscription fee from UPI in India.

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