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What Services are you looking for?

Fiverr® is the world’s largest marketplace for services starting at $5. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig®. Gigs on Fiverr are offered for a fixed, base price of $5 (also referred to as one Fiverr).

Freelance services for the lean entrepreneur


Services Available : Creative services, IT helpers, Video professionals, Writers, Business consulters Remove term: Graphics & Design Graphics & Design Remove term: Digital Marketing Digital Marketing, Writing & Translation and much more

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Increase Your Sales. Grow Your Business.

Increase Your Sales. Grow Your Business.
As leaders in performance marketing, and you can rely on us to help scale your growth, streamline the way you do business, and get your products into the hands of customers around the globe.

See the benefits of partnering with us:

Reach a Global Audience
With our network of marketing experts. Your product will reach customers around the world.
Attract Digital Marketers
We’ll help you set commissions that maximize the network of digital marketers promoting your offers, and together we’ll watch your sales grow.
Reliable Affiliate Payouts
Say goodbye to headaches. We take the administrative burden off of you by managing all of your affiliate commission payments.
Re-market & Increase Sales
We’ll help you re-market to the customers who purchased your products in order to generate return customers and incremental sales.
Access Solutions & Support
Quickly and easily locate guidance and answers to your questions through our support team or comprehensive Knowledge Base.

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Sell your stuff

Welcome to Paazy Marketplace. Marketplace is a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in our new community. We are committed to featuring products that satisfy our customers and providing entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources they need to create, publish and market their products in order to grow their business. Sell tangible products, virtual products, or downloads on this bazaar.

Customers : find unique informational lifestyle products with just one click.

Product Creators : Translate their passions & expertise into products that sell.

Sell your stuff  at future largest e- commerce sale. Easy and affordable it takes just a minute to upload your products at world largest online sale. FINALLY, someone has made it quick, simple, and easy to sell the stuff you need for cash (or great products)!

Local Payments

Now our worldwide customers can pay  with Paypal & local banks.  They can pay with INR (India), USD (USA), GBP (London), EURO (Germany),CAD (Canada),CHF ( Switzerland Franc), JPY (Japan), SEK (Sweden), SGD (Singapore), AUD (Australia), HKD (Hongkong) and AED (Dubai).  Buyer make payment through credit, debit card and Paypal system. Start enlisting your products free. No need to pay anything, means no risk. You only pay when your product is sold. One product is totally free. When we can get better deal and more over it is risk free. Be part of worldwide Dollar store. Our default currency is US Dollar.

Check our local payment store here!

Love sales? We’re building the world’s future largest ONLINE sale! So, be part of it.

Snatch bargains for pennies on the dollar

* New items added hourly
* Collectibles and hard-to-find items
* Gadgets and gear available nowhere else
* Crazy-priced closeouts
* Sell your own stuff too for quick cash!

It is simple application with full detail like name of the product, description, category, sub category, sub category, price and shipping charges. You can put product snap.

* Crazy-priced closeouts Sell your own unwanted stuff too for quick cash!
Hold your very own online sale!    Use Paazy marketplace to clean out your closets and attic. List and sell dozens or even hundreds of items and start putting cash in your pocket TODAY!       

  ‘Stop overpaying for  penny auction bids…

If you have many new items to sell or build your online shop. So it is right place to build your your own online store. We are inviting firms/corporate house to become the part of International E-Commerce

Associate store. No risk, Its free to become Vendor

If you are commercial seller, and want to build your store. Than this is for you. It is easy and start. Just fill the Vendors application about your business and product with Identity proof , It can be anything like Voting Card, Aaadhar Card, Electricity bill, anything you have comfort with it. And the most important is your Email Id, on which can intimate you about sale. It should be regular used Email and also please also white list our Email Id. So that it should reach to SPAM. Unwanted email. Please also see that once you have received the sale, you just courier the product immediately. Start  selling with us.

Requirement: We need Residential and Identity proof photo copy during Sign up. And send your photocopy with duly signed at Once sign up, we shall approve and send you login & password in your email. 

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Healthy. Happy. Home.
When we live simple, healthy lives, we discover a balance that can’t help but make us happy, and that’s what we like to call home.

Some would say home is a place. It’s that 1930’s craftsman on the tree-lined street; where you hear the echoing sounds of kids playing at the park a block away. It’s that front porch with the old Adirondack chairs where you’ve sipped countless cups of coffee (and probably more glasses of wine). Or maybe it’s the dining room that you always mean to have family dinner at, but it’s usually piled with some mixture of the kids’ homework and unopened mail.

And while we all have memories in these places that we wouldn’t trade for the world, at Vitagoods, we don’t call these places home. We believe that home is far more than a place— but a state of mind.

This is why even though we put tons of effort and energy into making these places that we call home as peaceful and wonderful as our dreams, we place a much higher value on the health and well being of our families.

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Many people often overlook the most important part of any business, project or personal venture, which is essential if you wish to succeed….

Driving Traffic to Your Product

So What is traffic? Basically, traffic means “visitors”, the more traffic you get, the more visitors you get to your website, which ultimately results in more sales. Website traffic is the single largest factor that determines the success or failure of your website, if you have no traffic to your website than you website will certainly fail…or to put it a different way…

I think you may have guessed it by now. The major contributor to your business is traffic!

There is on saying I hear a lot across the internet and that is ‘The Money is in The List’. Yeah maybe they are right, but how can they have a list without the base element of all sources of income TRAFFIC! No matter what you think or what you hear, you will always need traffic.

Let Me Put This Into Perspective For You

Let me place a real world example in your mind, please bare with me. Imagine you have a brand new bricks and mortar business in a dark insignificant part of your local shopping mall (this is your new website at the moment) why? Its simple no one knows where your business is, no one knows you exist, no one knows who you are at all! You may have the best stock/products on the planet, but without exposure you are still in the dark! Your products mean nothing to anyone because there are no maps, banners, flyers or information to find out where you are.

How Can You Get People To Come To your Business?

A steady stream of visitors to your business is what you are looking for (This is Your Traffic) Why? Without people visiting your business you will not make any sales or at the very least a lead or some kind of word of mouth e.g. “Did you check out that new store in the mall yet its cool check it out”

Traffic is the Heart of any online business!

Having no visitors to your store posses you with a very big problem in the same respects as if you have no visitors to your website. NO SALES, NO LEADS, NO EMAIL SIGNUPS, NO LIST BUILDING, and most of all NO PROFIT! Now, if you can imagine your traffic situation as a shopping mall that has no people at all. If there are  no people in there, then there is nobody to browse or buy from the shops nobody to visit or buy from you.

“Discover A Proven Strategy For Driving Your Message Deep Into The Heart Of Your Niche Markets, While Sending Targeted Traffic To Your Websites or business!”

  1. How you can rectify the Problem?
  2. How can you grab The Exposure you need?
  3. Most of all How can you get the visitors (Your Traffic)?

The answers to all these questions are the same for your online business as they are for a physical bricks and mortar business. You need to generate exposure by putting in place certain techniques to bring in the traffic you need to generate profits. By doing this your traffic streams will grow and so will your PROFIT. I’m sure you can see now the importance of traffic and why we all need it.

Paazy Press Note Has The Answers You Need  

What is any one website owners goal? To bring in a steady stream of good targeted traffic and generate an online presence which in turn will earn you an income. The answer is simple so why is it so hard? The truth is it’s not hard at all you just have to incorporate the right methods of traffic generation and stick with them. Simply getting your website indexed on Google and Yahoo is just not enough these days, we need to take it one step further and use some cast iron techniques to get the traffic we need.

    • Within press pages you will be shown how to generate your own traffic methods and get the targeted traffic you need to move your business further toward the future.
    • The press pages will give you all the tools and techniques you need to hold that traffic in place for a very long time to come.
    • This press pages Guide will show you how to gain massive amounts of traffic without spending a penny and without draining your time. A simple weekly process and you will see results.
    • Paazy Press Pages Guide will show you how you can generate traffic and profit from the latest social networking and bookmarking websites.
    • Paazy press pages Guide Blogging will show you how you can generate traffic to your blog and gain respect from the blogging community
    • Ultimately Traffic Guide is going to provide for you a NO BULL, cast iron way to generate traffic to your websites.

I’m not going to explain to you traffic methods that don’t work or explain to you traffic methods that take hours and hours to implement. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of ways to create traffic to your websites but guess what? Only a handful of them truly give you the results you need and that is exactly what I am going to show you.

After Years of Marketing I Know What Works  

The last thing we all need is a list of 1000 traffic generating ideas and some guru telling you to implement them all. How could you? There are only 24 hours in one day and within this time frame we need to sleep eat and sped time NOT working! I will provide for you the techniques you need to succeed with traffic and allow you time to sleep, eat and spend time with your family while your traffic creates itself.

This is not an auto pilot golden nugget to traffic generation (there is no such thing) It’s the truth about how you will get traffic to your websites for a long time to come.

Once you implement the methods provided for you in Paazy Traffic Guide you won’t be able to stop the traffic even if you wanted too and that’s guaranteed.

Introducing new marketing tactics as Paazy Press Pages

People were now able to find hungry crowds of buyers, directing them to squeeze pages, building opt-in forms and growing a loyal following.

But EVERYTHING has changed, and if you want to make the most money possible, you need to stay on top of these trends, exploiting their popularity, and grabbing your hearty slice of the profitable pie.

These strategies are easier and faster than anything else you’ve ever tried (yes, even PPC marketing), but best of all? The playing field has finally been leveled out because now ANYONE can market their websites and grow a following regardless of their advertising budget, skillset or experience!

With these strategies, you will be able to:

Reach deep into your market, establish yourself as an authorityand gain a strong foothold as the “go to” person, faster than ANY other form of marketing!
Conduct market research within minutes, and know exactly what your target audience is looking for and how to hit a home-run with your product launches, EVERY time!
Spy on your competition and know what they are up to, what launches are coming up and how to quickly develop campaigns that will put YOUR offers in front of eager buyers before other marketers even know of the launch!

But that’s barely even touching down on the incredible benefits of promoting your websites (and yourself) within social communities like Twitter and Facebook.

Within just a few short days, you will already begin to see results, and depending on how much time you invest in your social marketing campaigns, you can literally skyrocket your sales and place your website in front of thousands of HOT prospects… these are people who are looking for the exact same products that you are selling!

Let’s first understand the history of Internet Advertisement


Now you have understood the history of Advertisement and got clear vision. But more you have to understand the customer psychology. They always looking for new idea and offers. To boost sale you need special offer to attract the customers. We say it, as Deal of Day and Deal of week. With this you can increase your sale. However, studies have shown that for small businesses and start-ups, daily deals can result in a substantial 30% increase in profits. A survey of businesses who ran daily deals in the past year revealed that more than half (55.5%) profited on their daily deal promotion, whereas just over a quarter (26.6%) lost money. The remainder (17.9%) broke even. Beyond mere exposure, these businesses hope to capitalize on the long-term value of new repeat customers. Thus deal pages also function as marketing platforms.

The deal-of-the-day business model works by allowing retailers to market discounted services or products directly to the customers of the deal company, we receives a portion of the retailer’s profit. This allows retailers to build brand loyalty and quickly sell surplus inventory.

You can easily add new deals by adding the deals post at our blogging website. Your deal pages look great in both desktop and mobile devices. And we have made it easy like just editing a document. Boost your sale with our Deal Pages.

Benefit of Press Pages are as under.

search-engine-friendlyMagnet to Search Engine – As a result of your inspiration for Press Pages to post content more often, your frequency of contribution will attract Google robots and other search engines like magnets. New pages get indexed in hours or even MINUTES when you commit to adding new content over time. Many of your business deals posts may displayed on Google’s organic search in under 10 seconds!


More Brand Awareness – Since the common approach with a Deal Pages is to build out the page into an industry-specific authority resource with hundreds or even thousands of pages of content, the number of opportunities for the general public to see your brand identity is multiplied exponentially. Immediate Identification of Hot Deals Among Audience – If you make 10 posts and get one or two…or even no comments at all, and then all of a sudden you post a topic that brings 20 comments, you learn immediately of an interest. This is a highly valuable opportunity that you normally don’t see with a traditional Web site, unless you pay for a bunch of custom programming to create some forms and surveys. The utility to allow Deal Pages comments is included with every your deal pages installation automatically with no custom programming required.

MobileaccessGreater Accessibility by Mobile – Make changes or add content from any computer in the world with Internet access and a browser—without the need for additional software or fixing firewall settings. Managing your own text, photos and video for your business pages is a great way to contribute to saving costs and brand awareness cost. Notice in the “mobile readiness” benefit, I didn’t describe Press Pages as an out-of-the-box “mobile responsive” software. We have used a mobile responsive system, that converts your deal pages appearance to mobile friendly responsiveness.


Twitter and Press pages

Now twitter is used by 320 millions active users. One billions people reach to the twitter website for there tweets. 80% active users are on Mobile. As your deal pages become live, your deal pages reaches to the twitter@paazy. And you generate the Traffic for Deals pages.

FacebookuserPress Pages and Facebook: Facebook has 1.39 billion user and 700 million active user. And 500 million on messenger with 300 million on Instagram. So We cannot miss the traffic of this platform. And your Deals pages shall be immediately published to this traffic generating machine in our page at Facebook@paazyenews. Your business deals start getting additional traffic from Facebook. And you generate more clicks,brand awareness and sales.

Submit each time your deals and see what happens.

    • Press note become live in our mobile friendly website.
    • It helps in optimization for your business website to Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.
    • Your press note reaches to Twitter@page and gets twitter page traffic
    • Free Sure fire Email delivery to our subscribers
    • Post reaches to Facebook Fan pages for more traffic
    • You get the traffic for your business website.
    • You can Post end number of deals and Publish to world
    • No program required to publish business or press pages. It is easy just like editing any documents.
    • Instantly Start Using ALL of The Features Immediately After Your Purchase!
    • Post in the press pages blog and Get INSTANT RELEVANT BACKLINKS so you can get TOP RANKINGS!
    • Work with all types of web sites and SEO strategies! Everyone needs good permanent links!g>
    • Get new sites and pages indexed fast and get more traffic than ever!
    • Many HOURS of top notch training for ALL SKILL LEVELS from beginners to advanced!!!
    • Easily Have Employees Login and Help or Outsource the Work!
    • Paazy press pages blog Posts are PERMANENT even if you cancel!!!

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